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Sand Filled Dumbbells

If you're looking for desert-worthy hand weights, you've come to the right place. This pair of powerful and sturdy sand-filled dumbbells will help you step up your walking and running games this fall.

Dumbbells, Set of 7, Sand FIlled

Sand Filled Dumbbells Target

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Cheap Sand Filled Dumbbells

The weider plastic sand filled dumbells set is a great way to add a little bit of spice to your workout. These dumbells are black plastic with a sand-filled bored design. The set contains 20 dumbells (10 in each hand). They are good for a variety of exercises from planks and squats toagascar and forgiving machines. The sand-filled design means that they won't get tired after the first few uses, and the 10 hand-held devices make them versatile for individual use or for building strength and power. the sand-filled dumbbell set is perfect for those who want the benefit of journaling while working out. The set includes an adjustable pvc coated dumbbell and a dumbbell with a black sand mix coating. The black sand mix coating provides a durable and long-lasting set. these sand filled dumbbells are perfect for jogging, walking, and running. The 2lb 1lb set is perfect for the individual who wants to be empower with their dumbbells. These sets come with a belt to help impede their movements. these seven sand-filled dumbbell sets will help you stay on top of your physical activity level while you work on your fitness goals.