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Powerblock Dumbbells 130 Lbs

Introducing a top-of-the-line addition to your store: the large column stand, built with a frame and a long handle, it's uncomplicated to operate and provides a comfortable position for your shoppers, including those with weight loss issues.

Cheap Powerblock Dumbbells 130 Lbs

The large column stand is a beneficial way to get your body to work, it extends a sleek look and allows you to achieve a more productive work environment. These dumbbells 130 Lbs have a large storage position and are adhesives tray mat in silver black, the large column stand is enticing for consuming large amounts of power. These dumbbells are in at least 130 lbs, so you can be sure they will help you achieve your goals, these dumbbells are first-rate for 130 Lbs or more. The 4 storage positions make it basic to keep the at home with your favorite foods, the adhesive tray mat helps keep the dumbbells in place and makes it straightforward to get to the food. The silver black is an outstanding finish for your home.