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Opti Dumbbells

Introducing the newest adjustable dumbbells and barbell set 30 kg home gym kits! These tools let you customize your home gym experience with adjustable dumbbells and barbells, the 30 kg home gym kits come with a dumbbell set, barbell set, and a home gym. This set up is superb for a shopper wanting for a little more power and size in their gym.

Vinyl Dumbbell Set - 30kg

This 30 kg home gym kit from vinyl dumbbell set includes 2 adjustable dumbbells (30 kg and 35 kg) and 30 kg and 35 kg home gym weight plates, the plates are white and blue-black metal with readability and a comfortable fit. The dumbbells are metal with a durable feel, and the 30 kg and 35 kg home gym weight plates are made of durable plastic, the vinyl dumbbell set is a practical substitute to increase your strength and size while improving your cooking and baking skills. Looking for a new way to push yourself? Evaluate our Opti dumbbells! These adjustable dumbbells and bars give you up to 30 kg to work with, who knows, you could be doing better with this money! The new adjustable dumbbell set 30 kg home gym kit is sensational for enthusiasts scouring for an effortless to operate and adjustable dumbbell set. This set includes an 30 kg dumbbell, a barbell and two weight plates, the barbell can be easily placed on the ground and the weight plates can be easily taken off. The set can be used on the ground or in a gym setting and can be used for multiple sets, the set comes with a built in weight control system and is practical for the home plus, with our 30 kg home gym kit, you'll get all the bells and whistles you need to keep your fitness up.