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Olympic Dumbbell Handles

The Olympic Dumbbell Handles textured grip is a new grip that offers a sleek, modern look and feel, it's options include a conductive grip with a black anodized finish, a grip with a black anodized finish, or a corrosion-resistant black anodized grip. The textured grip can be used with eyes or view all rights reserved.

Heavy Solid 20 Inch Olympic Dumbbell Handle Steel / Buy SINGLE or PAIR
Titan Fitness Pair 15in Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Bars, 400 LB Capacity Each

Titan Fitness Pair 15in Loadable

By Titan Fitness


Titan Fitness Beam Dumbbell Handles Pair Fits Olympic Plates
Olympic Dumbbell Handles 22”
Pair Yes4All 1

Pair Yes4All 1" Dumbbell Handles

By Yes4All/Iron Lab


Gold's Gym 20 Inch Olympic Dumbbell Bars Handles Spring Collars Set 1 Pair

Gold's Gym 20 Inch Olympic

By Gold's Gym


Olympic Dumbbell Handle

The heavy solid 20 inch Olympic Dumbbell handle is an enticing choice for enthusiasts searching for an expensive, high-quality dumbbell, the handle is an extra large size, making it top-notch for larger hands. The steel construction means that this Dumbbell is long-lasting, and can be used for a long time, the 20 inch long 2 inch Olympic Dumbbell bars is a peerless surrogate to get fit and look your best on the team! These bars are 2 in one - they can be used for weightlifting or Dumbbell exercises. The shiny solid chrome finish is practical for a modern home gym, the two pair of Olympic dumbbells is a common symbol for two separate things. The handle to one side is a little larger than the barbell to the other side, this allows the gym to adopt a solid weight on the handle side and makes it easier to lift. The bars also come with a weightlifting region to help with the lift, these easy-to-use Dumbbell bars have two handles, making it effortless to move them according to your workout goals. The bar's spring collars ensure even weight distribution and a comfortable work-out.