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Fitness Gear 25 Lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Looking for a sturdy, european-grade Hex Dumbbell set? Look no further! This Fitness Gear set includes 25 Lb Rubber dumbbells and 5, 5-55 Lb fat-free-wet-dissolved-lots of water-resistant dumbbells. Plus, each set includes two full pair of shoulders and an euro train, so you can get healthy and feel like a boss with this peerless set of Fitness gear.

Fitness Gear 25 Lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Walmart

This Fitness Gear is designed for use on a hardwood floors and is fabricated with 25 Lb Rubber Hex dumbbells, they provide a few minutes of exercise for 25 Lb Rubber Hex dumbbells. These Fitness Gear are best for use at home with a small group of friends or in a large home party, this Fitness Gear is produced of 25 Lb Rubber Hex dumbbells that are metal encased dumbbells for fitness. These weights are 25 Lb each and sterling for among other activities like weight training, Fitness trackers and more, this Fitness Gear is top-of-the-heap for lovers who wish to be able to aida from the floor to a hand stand. The Fitness Gear is fabricated of high-quality Rubber and is sure to help you reach your goals, metal that is encased in a brown hard plastic. The Dumbbell is left free to move as you please, this set comes with a Fitness single pack.