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Cast Iron Dumbbell Set 50kg

Our cast iron dumbbell set is the perfect mix of enthusiastically affordable and sturdy steel. With a weight of 50kg, this set provides the perfect amount of fitness training power for the home. Make sure to enjoy your first set of cast iron dumbbells!

50kg Adjustable Dumbells set

50kg Adjustable Dumbells set

By MegaShape


50 Kg Dumbbells

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Cast Iron Barbell And Dumbbell Set 50kg

This cast iron barbell and dumbbell set is perfect for training your fitness goals. It comes with a 50kg full-iron steel plate and a set of adjustability gloves. The plates can be tailored to your needs, so you can improve your fitness and training routine. The set also includes a weightylattach button to make cast ironing your own. The plates can be used for strength or fitness training, and can be used in the order of 1-2 times a day. this is a cast iron steel plate weight set for 50kg. The set includes a cast iron steel plate and a weight ball. The set can be used for cardio or fitness. The weight is adjustable to make sure you can find the right weight for you. The set comes with a cast iron plate and weight ball. the york 50kg black cast iron barbell dumbbell spinlock set is perfect for performing weight-based workouts in your gym or home workout. The dumbbell spinner setting makes it easy to control and the heavy weight of 50kg makes it challenging enough for the more skilled users. The two-in-one weight barbells come with great little plates that makes it easy to work with, making sure your weight is hit while keeping your body posturelyfit. the york fitness 50kg cast iron spinlock barbell dumbbell set is a great way to get your body to work hard at least it is able to hold its own against a power bias! The set includes a 15-50kg dumbbell, heavy duty flexible fitness electroplate, and spinlock barbell making it perfect for cast iron fitness enthusiasts of all levels.