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Bowflex Dumbbell Replacement Parts

Add a bit of personality to your bench press or powerliftetition with these new replacement handle parts! The nautilus 552 dumbbells arebred with a soft, comfortable handle and are designed to foam-up your bench press. Whether you're looking to switch up your approach to powerlifting or just improve your overall form, these handle parts are the perfect solution!

Dumbbell Replacement

Dumbbells are a necessary part of any fitness routine, but they can be the cause of many neck pain varieties. A dumbbell can also be the cause of shoulder pain, neck pain, and even arthritis. The best way to remove a dumbbell is to be familiar with the various techniques.

Parts Of A Dumbbell

These parts are for the new series 2 of bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells. The handle parts are for the right hand side and the bottom of the bell part is for a=5. 5" on each side. our bowflex dumbbell repair products are designed to as follows: 1. Bowflex is now available as a factory-authorized replacement part for select tech nautilus series 1 select tech dumbbells. We provide customer service is if a part is not as described or not as new as desired. As soon as the part is as described, we offer customer service is customer satisfaction as a priority. We stand by our product and provides customer service as per their request. When you’re done with the repair, remove the old part and reattach it to the new body as close to where it was attached as possible. Place the new part on the balance board and reattach the clinch screws. Place the old part back on the balance board and reattach the clinch screws. Enjoy your new bowflex dumbbell repair part! our bowflex 552 dumbbells replacement parts are the perfect solution for anyone who wants the best dumbbells for training. With a variety of different discs available, you can find the perfect one for your needs. Our replacement parts are also durable and long lasting, making them a great choice for those who want to improve their fitness. the core fitness adjustable dumbbells are the perfect way to get fit without expensive equipment. These five52 series2 replacement parts discs handles or lock pins are oem for the core fitness 552 series 2. They come in several different colors and are perfect for any fitness class or personal training.