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Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Introducing the Bowflex selecttech 552 two-adjustable dumbbells! These unequaled dumbbells can help you reach your target weight with ease, with fast shipping and a premium look and feel, the Bowflex selecttech 552 are first-class for biz store.

From 10 - 90 Lbs Open Box
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SERIES 1 ONLY - Bowflex

By Bowflex / Nautilus


Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells

The Bowflex selecttech dumbbell stand is terrific for use your own weight in the gym, this stand comes with a media rack and is available in 100584 colors. If you're scouring for a pair of Adjustable dumbbells that are top-of-the-line for your fitness goals, then selecttech is the brand for you! These new selecttech dumbbells are Adjustable dumbbells that are 552 hz, meaning of each pound is off as energy as you work, additionally, these are two Adjustable dumbbells so you can find an outstanding fit, or use them as is if you need just a little bit of power. These dumbbells are made of durable yet lightweight materials with Adjustable levels of power and range of motion which makes it uncomplicated to operate them at home or at the gym, finally, the comfortable yet sturdy design means they will last for a long time. The Bowflex selecttech 552 is a new single Adjustable dumbbell set, it is a top-rated set for personal training or for combined training with other equipment. The dumbbell is Adjustable to suit most body sizes and can be used for fitness and strength exercises, the Bowflex selecttech 552 is a high-quality set of Adjustable dumbbells that are sure to provide progress with time and training. The Bowflex selecttech 552 Adjustable dumbbell is an unequaled mix of lightweight and Adjustable weight, with its Adjustable dumbbell feature and open box option, this dumbbell is exceptional for suitors who desire to manage their weight and work out the choice they want. The single Bowflex selecttech 552 Adjustable dumbbell is moreover a first-rate surrogate to get the most out of your workout, as it grants a small size and few features that make it uncomplicated to use.