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Body Solid 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack

This 2-tier Rack is first-rate for storing or transporting your dumbbells, it's made of durable materials and options and is available in black or gray. The 3 rd Tier is top-rated for storing or storing away your dumbbells until needed.

Three Tier Dumbbell Rack

The t is a three Tier Rack that includes body-solid's own invented the Tier 3 dumbbells, the body-solid Tier 3 Dumbbell Rack is first-rate for people who are digging for a powerful and durable Dumbbell rack. This Rack is excellent for body-solid's everyday users and can also be used as a body-solid 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack with 3 rd tier, the body-solid 2 Tier horizontal Dumbbell Rack t with 3 rd Tier is puissant for holding various types of dumbbells. The Rack is likewise made of plastic and nights sky white make it excellent for any room, this Rack is likewise adjustable to suit any height from 2-6 inches. The body-solid db 3-tier Dumbbell Rack is a top-of-the-heap surrogate to organize and store your dumbbells, the Rack is designed to hold 3-tier dumbbells and comes with a washer and end. The Rack effortless to operate and is designed to be facile to set up and use, the Rack is white in color and offers a durable design. This Rack is puissant for use in fitness and weight loss programs.