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15 Pound Dumbbells

These rubber coated hex dumbbells are weight tested and are complete, reliable products, they come in 5 lb. To 50 Pound versions as well, they are uncomplicated to operate and are splendid for weight loss.

15 Lbs Dumbbell Workout

The 15-25 lbs single pack of the rubber coated hex dumbbell set will help you to reach your daily weight goals! This set of dumbbells will help you to do a variety of exercises, including the following: total-body exercises, upper-body exercises, chin-ups, and more, the 15 lb dumbbell set is an enticing alternative to get your body weight done with new fascicles of rubber. The set includes an 20 lb dumbbell and an 25 lb dumbbell, the 15 lb dumbbell set is good for 1015 weight machines. The set of 15 lb dumbbells includes two rubber coated hex dumbbells that are hand weight only, these dumbbells are first rate set for people that want to be able to handle large weight sets without feeling like they are weak. The nd are also included in the set are few dozen small dumbbells as well as a few, few, large weight balls, these 15 lb dumbbells are first-rate set for an admirer searching to be able to handle a large weight set without feeling like they are weak. This set of 2 cap barbell rubber-coated hex dumbbells set of 2 is excellent for a strength-training or fitness routine, the barbell is covered in rubber-coated hex dumbbells that provide stability and safety. They are size 15 pounds, which is typical forstrength-training, the barbell is likewise covered in small hex dumbbells that can help with weight-training. These dumbbells are made from metal for durability and stability.