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12.5 Lb Dumbbells

5 Lb dumbbells from xcel sports are sterling for folks who yearn for an adjustable weight we offer 12.

Dumbbell Tray

This dumbbell tray is splendid for your 2 nd-hand gym or home gym, these adjustable dumbbells are 25 lbs together and can be placed in any order you need. The trays are made of durable materials and look valuable in any home gym, this 12. 5 Lb dumbbell is an adjustable dumbbell that comes with a base, it is a double base dumbbell that means it can be used for fitness workouts or as a gym workout. The design is simple with a small black and red logo, the heavy weight means that it can handle even the heaviest exercises. The metal design means that this dumbbell is durable and won't rust, this 12. 5 Lb dumbbell is a top-notch fitness tool for body weight training or body weight machines, the nordictrack 12. 5 Lb adjustable dumbbell is a splendid choice for enthusiasts who wish for a weight that can be easily adjust ed to within 0, 5 lb. It comes with a storage tray that makes it facile to take with you, as well as a built-in timer, the 12. 5 Lb adjustable dumbbell is strong and durable, first-rate for providing the right pressure for your workout, 5 Lb adjustable dumbbell set is excellent for muscle mass and exercise progress. With 27, 5 Lb weight it can help improve your endurance and power. This equipment is adjustable up to 12, 5 Lb so you can find a peerless set for you.