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1.25 Lb Dumbbell Plates

These plates are perfect for those who like to keep their weight down! They are micro-gained like all the other plates and provide a little bit of resistance for those of us who like to be able to lift a bit heavy.

CanDo 10-0602 Iron Disc Weight Plate, 5 lb

CanDo 10-0602 Iron Disc Weight Plate, 5 lb

By Fabrication Enterprises


125 Lb Dumbbell Plates Target

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Best 125 Lb Dumbbell Plates

The new 1. 25lb dumbbell plates are a great way to boost your size and get more protein and growth. The plates come in 2 different colors and look great with your favorite shirt. 25lb dumbbell plates are a great way to grow your body to size! These plates come in 4 different colors and look great with any piece of clothes! Go ahead and get some for your home! this 1. 25lb dumbbell plates set of fractional weight plates for dumbbelllifting are perfect for those who want the best feel and progress with their weightlifting skills. The plates come with two sets of each piece, so you can always be sure to increase your weight and achieve your goals. this chrome-dipped end cap for the 1. 25lb dumbbell set is perfect for use in a graphics or advertising campaign. This plate is made of durable materials that will last and will provide a strong connection between the end cap and the dumbbell body.